As many of you know I’ve been Fitting women for bras for 10 years now and something that I feel very strongly about is Confidence.

Without Confidence, life can be harder.

Every day I listen to and witness women’s insecurities. It’s exhausting. However, if exhausting for me, can you imagine how their insecurities affect them?
“I can’t buy this bathing suit it makes my arms look big.” 
“I can only wear back smoothers, I’m very broad.”
“I hate my thighs.”
“Don’t look at my stomach, I’ve put on weight.”
“Do you have anything that will hide my scars?”
“Do you have a handheld mirror? I need to see the front and back of myself simultaneously.”
“I wish I had bigger breasts.”
“I wish I didn’t have big breasts.”

I’m not sharing this to complain. I’m sharing to Start a conversation. We need to love ourselves.
We need to teach our daughters that Confidence is important. Not only when it comes to looks, but for other aspects of life too. It’s not “conceited” to think you are good at something. Be proud! Stand tall! 
And a bra fitting is a great way to kick off this new Self Love Journey 💜 #yesshecan

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