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Look Good & Feel Confident!

Dana, the owner, was taught to measure for a bra just as anyone does while becoming a bra fitter. However, about two years into her business she came to a realization that you can have many ladies all measuring the same who wear different sizes and styles. The actual numbers don't mean anything. While looking for the right size bra the factors that really matter are age, physical build, breast density, surgical history, etc.

After more than 8 years of fitting under her resume Dana is now able to have a conversation with her client based on her needs and eyeball the situation. 99% of the time she is right on the first try. Like magic, most ladies are uplifted in less than 10 minutes time. Based on how many items a woman is looking for a fit experience can take anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes.

Yes She Can! Also offers, Mastectomy bras, Nursing, Sports bras, Strapless, training bras, front closure, Bralettes, Cup sized swim and many more styles ranging from 28-48 in Band and A-O Cup. We are here for everyone!